Woman Sends Cheating Husband a Box of Horse Poop

I can't even imagine what it's like to catch a cheating spouse. But I can't at all blame this woman, who sent her husband a box of poop after she discovered that he was cheating on her.


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Yup, that happened. And apparently, it's a little bit legal. Amanda Chatel opened up about the time she sent her ex-hubby poop in a box, and it's kind of amazing. She had found out that her beloved was seeing someone 28 years his junior, and using it as an excuse to leave her.

Sucks, amirite?

So she did what any reasonable, heartbroken gal would do, and sent him a box of poop. She wrote in an essay for YourTango about what drove her to the edge: "Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, she, his 20-year-old 'soul mate,' sent me a poem ... a poem she wrote about me."

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Dude, can you even believe that this guy got away with as little as a box of poop? Apparently, this is actually a thing, and you can send your un-intended a box of poop from almost anywhere.

Not to say that it's legal. It could be considered harassment ... but one does have to ask what would instigate this kind of poop war. There is a website known as ShitExpress.com, but users beware. Even though they specialize in delivering waste products.

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The sender in this case thought about sending her own stuff, but, as she wrote, "[I] realized that might be just a little too crazy ... and weird and gross. So I bounced around Google looking for things to send to ruin someone's day and ended up on shit."

And that's where she found the resources to send her cheating ex a stale pile of poop through the mail.


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