Woman Rents Herself Out to Young Adults Who 'Need a Mom' (VIDEO)

needamomAmerica is certainly the land of opportunity, as so many try their hand at entrepreneurship. While it's true you can't really reinvent the wheel, mom Nina Keneally is turning heads for her "rent a mom" service for millennials that's very ... unconventional.


Oh yes, this is a real business -- with a website, NeedAMom.com, and everything. Based in Brooklyn, Nina hopes to capitalize on her 30 years of experience as a mother.

With her kiddos all grown up, Nina now resides in an area full of millennial-aged individuals who are constantly asking her for advice. Often being an open ear and a shoulder to lean on, Nina figured, why not start a business that can help those in need -- who are willing to pay?

Whether you NeedAMom to keep you company, iron your shirts, or look over your resume (Nina has a ton of professional experience -- including her Tony win as a theater producer), Nina is literally at your service.

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Can I be honest? When I first heard about the concept of renting someone's mother, I thought to myself, Who has their maternal figure in these streets collecting change? I know times are hard, but goodness. As I started to read up on Nina's business, though, my tune quickly changed.

Um, why not create a business like this, especially if there's an obvious market?

People pay all the time for life coaches, psychiatrists (Nina says if you need professional help, please go see a real doctor), dog whisperers, and all sorts of other services. If you can pay someone to give you a good time, why not pay a mom to be a positive figure in your life on occasion (obviously not the same thing, but you get my drift)?

Let's face it, retirement in this country is EXPENSIVE. I'm not sure if Nina is fully retired or does this on the side, but go ahead and cushion your nest egg.

I honestly never thought about a business like this. Yes, there are plenty of people who would offer their expertise and life lessons for free -- but there are also others who don't mind getting a little profit in return. Hey, who am I to judge.

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After hearing about NeedAMom, I had to contact my own mom, as I was sure she would get a kick out of this business plan. Want to know her response? "How much does she make, and where do I sign up?"

Nina, you might have a franchise opportunity on your hands.


Image via Need a Mom

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