12 Haunted Hotels Where Your Dreams Will Be Spooky -- Not Sweet (PHOTOS)

hotel monteleoneWhen it comes to choosing a hotel, some look for a room with a view. Some look for luxury amenities like an on-site spa or five-star restaurant. Others, however, look for things that go bump in the night -- and we're not talking about room service knocking at the door! No, we're talking about the kind of poltergeist-populated lodgings frequently featured in horror movies and TV shows -- and it turns out there are plenty to choose from.


Indeed, there's no shortage of haunted hotels in America. And while none of them sound quite as eerie as American Horror Story's "Hotel Cortez" (thankfully!), a night at one these places is still sure to send chills down your spine (or worse). Make reservations at your own risk!


Image via vxia/Flickr