New Website Might Reveal Your House's Spooky Past

spooky haunted houseYou know how people selling their house have to disclose whether it has lead paint? Or a noxious mold problem? Well, what they DON'T always have to fess up about is whether or not a grisly crime was committed within the walls. But now, a new start-up called DiedInHoused claims to spill any (spooky) beans.


There's a clever, not creepy, beginning to this story. On a whim, DiedInHouse's founder decided to do a Google search to see if anyone ever died in his rental property. The results led him to believe lots of OTHER people were curious about the same thing. So two years ago, he launched the business.

It sounds pretty simple to use  -- although we're guessing that there's a risk of serious emotional fallout and relocation once you get the results.

For $11.99, you pop in a specific address and learn if anyone ever died at that property. It will supposedly even tell you the cause. So far, 4.5 million houses are in DiedInHouse's database -- and ALL are the sites of confirmed deaths.

Now let's be realistic about this. If you're buying a very old home, it's quite possible that someone died of natural causes in one of its rooms. That doesn't mean he or she is necessarily haunting your hallways or making your TV go all scratchy.

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But in ANY home, what's probably more likely than a poltergeist is the ick/bad mojo factor.

Remember the Missouri woman last year who was watching a TV documentary on serial killers, then recognized HER house used to belong to one of them? Her landlord (the killer's mother) had sort of forgotten to mention that as many as 20 women were murdered in the basement.

Which would kinda be a deal breaker for most people, we reckon.

According to Bloomberg Business, these "stigmatized" homes sell for a 10 to 15 percent discount. We think that's probably NOT enough -- and that maybe the home should just be razed to the ground, and a lovely park be built instead. No matter how many coats of paint you apply or how many lovely kitchen upgrades you put in, a murder house is a murder house.

DiedInHouse makes sense if you've got a chilling feeling that there are REAL skeletons in your closet. (Although we haven't tried the site and so we can't vouch that it'll give you valid info.) Home is where the heart is, yes, but hopefully not "where the heart stopped beating in a very gruesome way."


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