Laundry-Folding Robot Could Be a Mom’s Dream Come True -- Until It Isn’t (VIDEO)

How many hours of your life have you spent folding laundry ... and how many of those hours would you like back? Well, friends, our folding days may soon be over. A Japanese laboratory has created a laundry-folding robot. Meet your hot new boyfriend, the Laundroid!


The dreamers at Seven Dreamers Laboratory are almost making our dreams come true with their amazing new invention. They introduced the Laundroid in a demo at a tech trade fair and it's not a joke -- it works, and they're making solid plans to sell it in two to five years. There's just a couple of itty, bitty problems.

1. It's humongous. The folder is about the same size as your washer and dryer stacked one on top of the other. You're going to need to make more space in your laundry room.

2. It folds one piece at a time. And you have to feed each garment individually into the machine. You can't just dump everything from the dryer into the robot.

3. It takes five to ten minutes to fold a T-shirt. Basically you could teach your dog to fold faster. They say they're working on speeding that up.

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I'm kidding about the dog. #NoOpposableThumbs. But does anyone else feel like you were just told, "Free ice cream sundaes for everyone!" followed by, "But it's actually ice milk. And you have to wait five minutes between each bite. And also you have to supply your own toppings." Why am I not more excited about this?

I guess it's because I'm picturing myself feeding a T-shirt into the machine, wandering off to do something that only takes five minutes, rushing back to feed another shirt, wandering off again, forgetting, and coming back 30 minutes later to cold, wrinkled, laundry. 

Anyway, what's wrong with making your kids fold the laundry?

That's how I was raised. We didn't have laundry-folding robots when I was growing up (I say, practicing for the year 2020 when I own the Laundroid). We folded stuff ourselves, and we liked it! No we didn't. But we sure relished our free time more once the folding was all over.

There comes a day in every parent's life when he or she suddenly looks at a pile of clean clothes and over at his or her child with his or her fully-functioning hands and realizes, "Hey, I don't have to do this anymore. The kid can do it!" 

And you're totally justified in making kids do housework like this because you're teaching them valuable stuff like independence and responsibility and a high tolerance for boring, repetitive tasks -- all of which will serve them well in adulthood. 

So yes, if I were childless I would love this robot. But as a parent I feel it my duty to impose child labor in my home. I'm not letting a robot take that away from me!


Image via The Japan Times/YouTube

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