Pancake House Tweets a Racy Joke & Internet Moms Freak out

The Internet is outraged, folks. Why? Because a popular chain restaurant tweeted something comparing pancakes to breasts. While showing off a yummy-looking picture of hotcakes, the International House of Pancakes commented that they may be flat, but they have a great personality.


And then came the cries of sexism from people with their panties in a bunch about the whole thing.

Because instead of this just being a borderline inappropriate joke, it has to be about the patriarchy and male domination and women being reduced to boobs. Or something.

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It isn't the first time IHOP has tried to be hip. Check out this tweet from about a year ago.

Here's one from last month, obviously pushing drug addiction. Or breakfast addiction. It's hard to tell, but they're obviously pushing something, and no one under the age of 18 should be allowed to follow them.

IHOP deleted the tweet about being flat with a great personality, and replaced it with this. Because all the things are offensive now.

And for the parents offended by jokes about women having "good personalities," they should never, ever let their kids watch Disney movies. Obviously.


Image via © Roy Morsch/CORBIS

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