Real-Life Horror Stories: The Woman in White

ghost The following statements are all true: Not all ghosts are evil, not all footsteps you hear belong to the living, and some people are awfully casual about the prospect of ghosts walking around in their house.


Throughout the month of October, the year's spookiest month, we'll be sharing real-life scary stories. These are not made-up tales told around the campfire. They are real deal, first-person accounts told in the victim's own words. Keep reading if you dare ...

“I visited my boyfriend one summer. He lived in an apartment attached to a house. While I was watching a movie, I kept hearing someone walk back and forth on the second level.

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"When I got back home, I realized ... there was no second level.

"I mentioned it to my boyfriend, and he said the family who lived in the house part said it was haunted by a friendly woman in a white dress. The kids had seen her, and the dad would hear footsteps and feel a tap on his shoulder while he was working in the basement.” -- Jennifer B., Concord, New Hampshire


Image © Diane Diederich/iStock

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