Real-Life Horror Stories: A Ghost Who Has Your Name

creepy bedroomShe died long ago, but you share her name. Is there any wonder she is desperate to be close to you ... ?


Throughout the month of October, the year's spookiest month, we'll be sharing real-life scary stories. These are not made-up tales told around the campfire. They are real deal, first-person accounts told in the victim's own words. Keep reading if you dare ...

"My grandparents' house was haunted. When I was a kid, I used to wake up and see an old lady in a nightgown sitting on the edge of my bed, watching me.

"One night when I was a teenager, I was there by myself and I went to get ready for bed. When I came into the room, I found that the sheets of the bed had been turned down, even though it had been perfectly made a minute ago. That night I woke up and could feel someone in bed with me and hear them breathing, but nobody else was at the house.

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"I shut my eyes and tried to go back to sleep, but then I could feel the bed creaking and it felt like she got up and left. I was so freaked out!

"I finally asked my grandparents about it and they mentioned that my great-aunt, who I’d never met but was named after, had died in that room.” -- Daisy H., Billings, Montana


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