Super-Offensive Halloween Decorations Don't Belong on Anyone's Front Lawn

jack o'lanternIn nearly every neighborhood, there's at least one house that takes it just a little bit too far when it comes to Halloween decorations -- either they're too scary or just plain too much -- but some homeowners are seriously crossing the line as of late, with displays that are more fiendish than fun and frightening. And sure, scary is okay, but these houses? They're downright demonic!


Take, for example, Vicki Barrett of Parma, Ohio, who says her family was forced to take down their elaborate Halloween decorations after they started attracting too much unwelcome attention for being too gory (the display featured a bloody impaled man and what appeared to be a wrapped-up corpse hanging upside down). With an elementary school right down the street, neighbors felt the decorations were too extreme, and following the backlash, Barrett says her family is out of the Halloween biz for good:

"I don't think we even want to do anything," she told Cleveland's FOX 8 News, referring to decorating in the future. "We don't even want to put up a pumpkin or any of what some people would think are typical Halloween decorations."

"That's not the way we want to express it. I think by us decorating this way maybe some people think that we should, would be us caving in, and this is not a caving-in thing, this is a safety thing for our family,” she said.

Okay, sure, it's not "a caving-in thing" -- but maybe it should have been? After all, I'm all for a good scare, but bloody impaled corpses down the street from an elementary school aren't really scary, they're just disturbing. Not quite as disturbing, however, as the elaborate ISIS-themed display on the front lawn of one man's home in Butler, New Jersey, which included a masked ISIS soldier wielding a machete, a bloody Islamic State prisoner in a cage, and -- worst of all -- President Barack Obama armed in ISIS attire.

The homeowner (who wishes to remain unidentified) says he removed the decorations because he was receiving threats, but doesn't think he did anything wrong:

“If people think that’s the American thing to do is to harass people and force them to take down something that’s on their property, that is their right to have up, just 'cause they happen to be offended by it, then they’re not much better than ISIS because ISIS tries to suppress people and their beliefs,” he told PIX 11 News.

Okay, but WHAT DOES ISIS HAVE TO DO WITH HALLOWEEN ANYWAY? Halloween is about supernatural spookiness, not just any random violent scene. This guy was clearly trying to make a political statement, not give trick-or-treaters the chills.

Another homeowner in Detroit, meanwhile, sort of got the Halloween spirit thing right with her front lawn Halloween props -- except she maybe got it a little bit too right. For the past 25 years, LaRethia Haddon has been putting a dummy facedown in her yard (then sitting back and watching the shocked reactions of passersby through her window), but for some reason this year people are freaking out more than ever, she says -- especially the police, who keep getting called out to her property to investigate the possible dead body. 

"I'm trying to bring laughter to Detroit," Haddon told the Detroit News. "We really need it."

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Okay, I do think this one is actually sort of funny. I mean, probably not so much for the cops, but at least Haddon's dummy isn't covered in fake blood or dressed up like a member of ISIS. As someone who adores Halloween (but also has three children), I feel like Haddon is sorta pushing it in terms of appropriately festive decor, but she's still within the realms of acceptable -- whereas the other two miss the whole point of the holiday. Sure, adults are really into Halloween, but kids are REALLY REALLY into Halloween, and why would you want to ruin the night (or the whole month) for every small child in the neighborhood? It all comes down to common sense, not to mention common courtesy. 

By the way, does anybody even carve pumpkins anymore??


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