Woman Almost Goes Blind When Friend Mistakes Superglue for Eyedrops (VIDEO)

katherine gaydosIn a story sure to make you cover your eyes with your hands in horror, a woman in Florida was nearly blinded this week when her friend mistook a bottle of superglue for a bottle of eyedrops -- and because the single mother of two isn't insured, she says she had to walk around for over a week with her eye glued shut!


It all started when a friend of Katherine Gaydos was using a leaf blower to clear away nearby debris. Suddenly, Gaydos felt a piece of the debris land in her eye.

"Something blew into my eye and I screamed for someone else to get eyedrops out of my purse, and they brought superglue and poured it in my eye," she told WPBF.

"Soon as I felt it burn I closed my eye and screamed 'Call 911.' "

I bet she screamed! If you've ever accidentally gotten a little bit of superglue stuck on your skin, you know how demonically sticky that stuff is. As in, "say good-bye to that skin" demonically sticky. I can't even imagine what it would feel like going directly into your eyeball, good lord!!! But unfortunately, the story only gets worse from here. Because adding insult to injury (literally), Gaydos says doctors refused to treat her because she doesn't have insurance and couldn't pay upfront, so she was forced to wait more than a week for treatment (until her story started getting attention and her doctor finally called her back in). 

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I'm not sure how this could have happened -- aren't emergency rooms obligated to treat all patients, regardless of whether or not they're insured? -- but I'm glad Gaydos finally got her eye unstuck, even if the process does involve scraping glue from her cornea, which just sounds so indescribably icky it makes me want to scream. And fortunately, Gaydos says the doctor doesn't expect any permanent damage. But still! Let this be a lesson to all of us: Be unbelievably careful about anything and everything that goes into your eyes. (Also, maybe try to avoid hanging out with people who can't tell a tube of superglue from a bottle of Visine? Not trying to be harsh here, as I'm sure the friend was just in a rush and not thinking clearly, but, well, um.)

Just look at the poor woman's face in this video:

OUCH. A painful reminder to the world: Take great caution when it comes to your eyes!!


Image via CNN TV/YouTube

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