Woman Who Never Forgets Anything Recites Harry Potter Books From Memory (VIDEO)

rebecca sharrock recites harry potterWell, when it comes to rare medical conditions, there seriously could be worse. A young Australian woman was born with something called hypermnesia, which means she doesn't forget anything, EVER. In fact, she can even recite all 7 Harry Potter books from memory.


Rebecca Sharrock looks like a perfectly ordinary woman. You know, the kind who forgets where she puts her keys all the time. Or occasionally can't find her favorite shirt, then realizes it's been in the washer for two days.

Not so! Rebecca was born with a highly superior autobiographical memory (HSAM), a condition so rare that only 80 people in the world have it.

As Rebecca told the Mirror, her first memory came when she was just 12 days old -- she remembers her mom actually placing her in the driver's seat of a car to take a picture.

As a teenager, Rebecca was diagnosed with autism and obsessive-compulsive disorder, so her parents thought maybe her crazy-good memory had something to do with that. Then four years ago, the family happened to catch a 60 Minutes episode that explored HSAM.

"...it was like a light bulb went on," Rebecca's mom, Janet, told the Mirror. "I just knew for sure that's what Becky has too. She relives her memories so vividly that sometimes she'll answer a question I haven't asked just because she's thinking about a conversation we had years previously."

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Pretty amazing, right? But the burden of carrying around all those memories can be overwhelming at times. Rebecca has to limit how much TV she watches because once she hears terrible news, she can't forget it.

In fact, Rebecca relieves painful memories so intensely that she's been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

As a child, she used to recite the Harry Potter books as a way to calm down when her thoughts became too much. And so the Mirror persuaded Rebecca to recite a bit from them -- from memory -- in the following video.

See her amazing ability for yourself.

Out of all the ways someone could put an amazingly superior memory to use, we think reciting Harry Potter word for word is an excellent choice.


Image via The Mirror

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