Real-Life Horror Stories: Who Is Talking to the Kids?

ghost girlWe all know that sometimes kids will dream up imaginary friends. But what about when they have some "friends" who are less imaginary and more, well, dead?


Throughout the month of October, the year's spookiest month, we'll be sharing real-life scary stories. These are not made-up tales told around the campfire. They are real deal, first-person accounts told in the victim's own words. Keep reading if you dare ...

“In the house we live in now (built 1900), both my boys hear/heard voices. My oldest did from ages 2-4 and my youngest (3.5) does now (and has said so since he could first talk).

"They are all friendly things -- but I was weirded out in the beginning. My oldest used to talk about 'hearing the other mama talk.'

"The most aggressive it ever got was [when] my oldest (at like 3 years old) came out of his room and said 'I can't nap 'cause those guys won't stop talking. They keep saying, 'Look at me!' 'No, look at me!' -- but I can't see them...'" -- Patricia F., Willmar, Minnesota


Image via © Ivan Bliznetsov/iStock

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