Real-Life Horror Stories: The Man in Coveralls

scared woman in bedYou are alone in your bedroom when you see a man. Or do you? The room seems cloudy all of a sudden. Are your eyes playing tricks on you -- or are you not actually alone at all?


Throughout the month of October, the year's spookiest month, we'll be sharing real-life scary stories. These are not made-up tales told around the campfire. They are real deal, first-person accounts told in the victim's own words. Keep reading if you dare ...

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"I definitely had a ghost in one of my apartments. We lived in a high rise and my roommate and I both saw a man in coveralls in our rooms at different times. It was very cloudy, if that makes any sense. And we had things happen all the time -- a small table was flipped up into the air, a CD player would flip on by itself, and one time, a plastic bottle of Captain was thrown off of the top of the fridge.

"I told the story to my cousin -- who had helped build the building -- [and] he said that a worker had fallen down the elevator shaft and was killed while it was going up." -- Tasha Y., Minneapolis, Minnesota


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