Police Pull Couple Over for Speeding While Mom Is in Labor & Arrest Dad (VIDEO)

couple pulled over in laborIf there's one foolproof excuse for getting out of a speeding ticket, it's because your wife is in labor and you're trying to get to the hospital, right? Except not for one Indiana dad, who actually got arrested by police who pulled him over when his wife was mere minutes from delivering their daughter. 


James Reiner was driving his pregnant wife, Dana (who was in active labor), to the hospital at around 1 a.m. when a police car pulled up behind him and turned on its sirens. Dana didn't want James to pull over, understandably (her water had just broken!), so James called 911 for advice. The operator told James that his "best bet" at that point was to pull over and "explain the situation" to the police officers -- but that's not exactly what happened.

Instead, when James pulled over, he was forced to get down on the ground and then handcuffed. He tried to explain what was going on -- Dana even got out of the car to show the officer that she really was in labor -- but Sgt. Anthony Dandurand didn't care. Instead, he actually threatened to shoot James (!) and told him, "Now you're going to be in the Lake County Jail when your kid is born."

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Indeed, that's exactly where James was when his daughter was born, just minutes after an ambulance arrived to take Dana to the hosptial. But the worst part isn't even that James was getting his mug shot taken while his wife was given birth, it's that the baby was born with the umbilical cord around her neck -- doctors said she wouldn't have survived if she'd been born on the side of the road!!

Still, the fact that a major tragedy was thankfully avoided here doesn't make up for the fact that James missed his child's birth, which also happened to end up being an unbelievably traumatic experience for Dana.

Interestingly, this happened in January 2012, but it's making the news now because the police car's dash cam video is just being released. The Reiners tried to press charges back when the incident occurred, but now say they're just trying to focus on getting James's criminal record cleared (he was booked that night on a felony charge of "resisting law enforcement"). 

But when you actually see the dash cam video, it seems as if this couple is certainly more than deserving of some kind of justice. This is just awful beyond words:

Horror labour in the US

A pregnant woman in labour was screaming with pain when police pulled her husband over and wouldn't let them go to the hospital.http://7news.com.au #7News

Posted by 7 News Queensland on Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wow. Outrageous!! Thank God that little girl is okay, and that her dad isn't in jail (anymore!). But these police officers still need to understand that they made a horrible mistake. Can this couple get an apology, at least?? Lifelong immunity from speeding tickets?? Come on, give 'em something!!


Image via 7 News Queensland/Facebook

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