Man Arrested for Violating Restraining Order After 'Liking' Ex's Facebook Photos (Creepy Stalkers, Beware!)

Hey guys, girlfriend's got a restraining order against you? Thinking of stalking her on Facebook instead? Well think again. A man has been charged with violating his no-contact order after "liking" his ex-girlfriend's Facebook videos and photos.


April Holland filed a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend Justin Bellanco, claiming he had been stalking and harassing her and her friends -- even threatening to shoot her in the knee cap just to watch her suffer. According to the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the judge granted Holand's order on August 4, forbidding Bellanco from making contact for a full year.

And then Bellanco had to go and "like" 22 of Holland's photos and videos. Busted! Also, what a creepy, weird thing to do. Police arrested him and charged him with contempt of court.

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Of course, Holland could have enabled Bellanco to follow that court order by blocking him from Facebook. But that's not her job -- ultimately it's his responsibility to resist the temptation to stalk her online. According to the Citizen's Voice Bellanco didn't know Facebook stalking counted. But please -- surely he knew that at the very least he was pushing a boundary he really shouldn't.

Think of how Holland must have felt when she saw all those likes. They probably sprung up overnight like mushrooms, the result of a Jägermeister-fueled all-nighter.

Interesting side note: Bellanco filed a restraining order against Holland in 2014 claiming she choked him while he tried to escort her off his property during a dispute. His PFA expired just a few months before she filed hers against him. 


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