Dad Finds Abandoned Baby With Umbilical Cord Still Attached 'Sitting' in a Stroller

Father-of-two Alex Diaz discovered a newborn with his umbilical cord still attached abandoned inside a stroller across the street from a church. And he almost missed it! In fact, it wasn't until Diaz spotted the stroller a second time that he took a closer look.


Diaz tells KABC that when he first spotted the stroller across the street from a church in Los Angeles at about 10:30 at night he assumed it was empty and passed it by. But the next day, shortly after noon, he passed it again with his two sons and decided to take a closer look.

When I got up close to the stroller and the blanket was clean, it was just like, 'Oh, I hope nobody did this, I hope I'm not about to find a baby in here,' and sure enough that's what happened. It was burning hot. He was sweating. His pajamas were soaked in sweat. It was horrible. I don't know how somebody can do something like that, not even animals do that.

That means the baby was left in that stroller overnight -- utterly defenseless! We can't blame Diaz. That's not something anyone expects to see, and abandoned strollers are a common sight in cities. It's a lucky thing Diaz thought to stop and peek under that blanket because otherwise this would have been a much sadder story.

Fortunately the baby is still alive. Diaz called the police and the newborn was sent to a hospital in -- can you believe it? -- good condition. 

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The mother could have increased the chances of her baby's survival if she'd just walked across the street to that church. Authorities estimate he was barely a day old. "That's what saddens me about the whole situation, that the child was left across the street under a mattress in a stroller, and they could've easily just rung the doorbell and left the child there," Father David Matz of Saint Agnes Catholic Church told KABC.

Like almost every state around the nation, California has a "Safe Surrender" law making it legal for a parent to give up their newborn under 3 days old at a hospital or firehouse. You can look up your state and find out more about its safe haven laws online. There are some small variations from state to state. But the bottom line is that almost everywhere in this country we would rather you give up your newborn in a safe location, no questions asked.

I wish this mother, and other people, knew that. It looks as if she tried to leave the baby at the church but didn't have the nerve to be seen leaving him right there. Maybe, if she'd known about the law, she might have been bolder about doing the right thing.


Image via Stephen Metz/shutterstock

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