Hero Cop Rescues Newborn Baby Girl Abandoned in a Public Toilet

Talk about a miracle rescue -- a newborn baby abandoned in a public toilet in Beijing was saved after witnesses could hear her cries coming from the restroom.


According to Chinese newspaper People's Daily, police were called to the scene upon hearing the cries coming from a toilet. It was here they found the baby girl head down, with her entire body in the sewer.

Authorities think the child's mother gave birth to her in the facility and then abandoned her, which is sadly not an uncommon scenario in China.

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In 2014 Reuters reported that approximately 10,000 unwanted babies are deserted every year. Last year a similar instance of a baby girl found in a toilet was reported in North Point, Shanghai.

If there's any good news to come out of this horrifying story it's that the child was taken to a local hospital and does not appear to have suffered any injuries.

Police are currently searching for her mother.

It's a heartbreaking story on so many levels. What will happen to this little girl? Will she one day learn the story of how her mother abandoned her? And why not bring her to an agency where she could be placed for adoption? With so many couples in the world who would give anything to have a daughter but struggle with fertility issues, accounts like this are absolultely excrucitiating to hear.


Image via Getty Images/HuffPost News

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