Dad Accidentally Shoots Daughter -- During a Gun Safety Lesson She Probably Didn’t Need

A father who was trying to teach gun safety accidentally shot his 12-year-old daughter in the arm. The good news is that the gunshot wound is not life-threatening. But we're a little concerned about what the dad was actually trying to teach his daughter.


Many families who hunt for sport or for food teach their kids from a young age how to handle a rifle, and that includes keeping it safe. But that's not what this lesson was about. Nope, this man was teaching his daughter how to draw a pistol from his pocket.

Um, why, exactly?

Why does a 12-year-old child need to know how to use a handgun in the first place? And why does she need to know how to draw one from her pocket as opposed to from a holster, for crying out loud? That's not even safe for an adult to do! (I'm not even sure what he was doing is legal.)

What's really going on? Was this a lesson in vigilante justice? Isn't she a bit young for that? I mean, aren't most 12-year-olds her age just going to school and soccer practice?

We feel for this whole family because this accident must have been scary. And the father must feel awful. But wow, this was no lesson in gun safety -- or if it was, it was a lesson in what not to do. Sounds like this dad could use a gun-safety class himself.

Investigators have yet to determine whether to charge the father.


Image via Allen.G/shutterstock


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