Mom Brings Home Awful 'Souvenir' Thanks to C-Section

c-section clamp left in mom When you have a stomach ache, chances are you attribute it to something you ate or a bug you caught from the kids. But the cause of one mom's crippling cramps was anything but routine. The source of a Russian woman's stomach trouble turned out to be an 8-inch surgical clamp that had been inside her for three years!  


How on earth could something like that happen, you ask? Well, apparently this not-so-little souvenir was left behind when Aisina Zindusova gave birth via C-section in 2012. (We'll just go with the little crocheted hat, thankyouverymuch!)

Needless to say, Zindusova is considering pursuing legal action (yeah, we bet!) while the police and hospital launch investigations into how this could possibly have occurred.

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What we want to know is, how did it go undetected until now? This poor woman experienced back pain and weight loss but it wasn't until she went to the hospital and had an x-ray that this instrument was found. It was removed during a two-and-half-hour surgery and it sounds like Zindusova will make a full recovery, but still!

A story like this one will make you think twice about having any surgery. If you're a mom about to undergo a C-section, you may want to make sure your partner takes a quick peek (provided they've got a strong stomach!) before they stitch you up! We've heard of pieces of gauze getting left behind, but never anything quite this size!

We get that doctors put in long hours and are often sleep-deprived and overworked, but there's no excuse for this! We hope that stories like these will make medical professionals triple-check their work while inspiring patients to seek out-of-the-box answers if their illnesses don't seem to clear up right away.


Image via Mariusz S. Jurgielewicz/shutterstock

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