'Dead' 92-Year-Old Woman Wakes Up Screaming in Morgue Fridge

A morgue worker must have gotten the fright of a lifetime last spring when they heard screaming coming from the refrigerated compartment where a deceased 92-year-old's body was being stored. It turns out that the dead woman was not quite dead yet, despite having been declared legally deceased by a doctor.


The German woman had been seriously ill last March, when a worker at her retirement home found her not breathing and without a pulse. A 53-year-old doctor pronounced her dead, and her body was stored at a funeral home.

Another worker at the home went to investigate when they heard screams coming from the refrigerated room where they preserved the bodies before burial, and was shocked to discover that she was indeed very much alive.

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The doctor, whose name has not been released per privacy regulations, has been charged with negligent bodily harm, according to German prosecutors. If convicted, the penalty could be anything from a fine to prison time.

I can't imagine who was more terrified -- the worker who discovered that this woman was still alive, or the woman herself, who had been counted as dead. She died two days later from unrelated causes, but you have to wonder if the fright really did have anything to do with it.


Image via © 68/Ocean/Corbis

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