Dad Takes Blame for Crime His Kid Committed: Would You?

juan g silvaCould this be the ultimate example of helicopter parenting? A man was caught serving time for a hit-and-run his son committed. Juan G. Silva Sr. confessed to his son's crime and was sentenced to five years behind bars.


In September 2013 a car accident outside a tavern killed a pedestrian and injured another. Silva Sr. told police a windshield wiper malfunction had caused him to crash. In May 2014 he pleaded guilty to a hit-and-run leading to a death and was sentenced to five years in prison.

Meanwhile, gossip about what really happened found its way to the courts. Apparently Silva's wife, Claudia Sanchez, told a coworker her husband took the rap for the crime to save his son from prison. That coworker told the police. Sanchez spilled the beans when police interviewed her, which led to Juan G. Silva Jr. confessing he was the one who committed the crime. (What a mess. Are you still following?)

Silva Jr. was then convicted of the crime and Silva Sr. released from prison. So if you recently felt a shift in the balance of the universe, that may explain it.

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I get the instinct to want to protect your son from prison, but come on. I think we can all agree that taking the blame for your kid's crime and serving their time means you're failing at Parenting 101. 

Let's leave aside the fact that you've raised the kind of guy who runs over two pedestrians and then drives away without taking responsibility. What is your (admittedly grown) child going to learn by your protecting him from prison?

Nothing, that's what. Even Silva Sr. says he's disappointed that his son had not done more to get his life in order while Daddy was serving his prison sentence for him. 

What's worse, though, is that trying to protect your child from prison means exposing the public to one more irresponsible human being who should not be out driving. Even parents need to answer to their duties as members of their community.


Images via Milwaukee Police Department


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