Man Posing as Plastic Surgeon Caught After Performing More Than 50 Procedures

Botox and injections sure can get expensive. How are you supposed to keep up with the Kardashians? Not by going overseas for your procedures, that's for sure. A fake plastic surgeon has been caught performing on dozens of patients. Yikes!


A court in Germany sentenced a 31-year-old man to four years and three months in prison for "grievous bodily harm and fraud." Geez, why does "grievous" bodily harm only get you four years? Worse, they're not releasing his name for "privacy reasons." So I guess we'll see you back in practice in about a few years, then, Dr. Faux?

The sentence was light partly because the guy confessed and because he has some sort of mental illness. Otherwise they would have nailed his butt! With a five year sentence. So ... Yeah.

Meanwhile, many of the over 50 people the fake doctor injected with Botox and fillers complained of painful swelling and numbness following the procedures. They probably would have been better off administering the Botox on themselves.

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Anyway, I know sometimes people go abroad for cheaper medical procedures. This is a darn good reason not to. I mean, the same thing could happen here, too, I suppose. But here at least it's easier to check a doctor's credentials. When you're in a different country those things become a little more difficult to navigate. 

Then again, if you're trying to fake youthfulness do you really have the right to demand a real doctor? Kidding, you guys. Just kidding.


Image via Alexander Trinitatov/shutterstock



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