Online Dating Site Hacked & 37 Million Cheaters Are About to Be Outed

ashley madison hackedWow, talk about getting hit -- clobbered, really -- by that karmic boomerang! Online cheating site Ashley Madison has been hacked and 37.5 million cheaters, er, users are finding themselves in the most compromising position of 'em all as their personal information, including credit card numbers, may be exposed! 


A group of hackers called "The Impact Team" claims to have infiltrated the site that encourages extramarital affairs and says it's in possession of the company's entire client database. D'oh!  

What made these cyberattackers decide to go after the site whose tagline is: "Life is short. Have an affair"? Turns out they don't believe the company's claim that it will permanently erase a client's record for $19. 

Unless the website is taken down immediately, The Impact Team says it's ready to expose those 37.5 million customers -- and their sexual fantasies. 

Wow, is it me or did this summer just get a whole lot steamier!? If you're an adulterer who's used this platform you're probably sweating bullets right about now! 

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Let's face it: 37.5 million is a ton of people!! To put it in perspective, that's just one million shy of California's entire population! So it has us thinking, if these hackers do move forward with their plans, should we prepare for the worst ... as in, "Honey, is there anything you'd like to tell me?"

Just imagine, suddenly you're reading about your dentist's desires, your mother-in-law's ménage à trois. Ahhh!! It's all too much! 

If anything, perhaps this cyber breach will encourage some partners to get their lovin' at home!


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