X-Rated Objects Are Hanging From Telephone Wires All Over Portland (PHOTOS)

And now in totally bizarre news ... there are currently hundreds of sex toys hanging from Portland telephone wires, and no one seems to know why. The most popular variety seems to be large white-and-orange dildos, strung up in pairs, much like shoes have been tied together and slung over telephone lines for as long as they've existed and kids have had shoes to waste.


A Portland General Electric spokesman said that he didn't believe the adult toys posed a fire hazard. While it isn't clear who started this trend, I'm secretly hoping that it's for an upcoming episode of Portlandia.

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Because seriously, what else could it be? Check it out:

I just can't, you guys. Dildos hanging from power lines. SMH.


Image via © Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis

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