Mom Refuses to Save Her Son If It Means Ruining Her BMW

bmwYour car or your child -- which do you love more? One mom made the wrong pick when she refused to let firefighters break her BMW window to rescue her toddler locked inside. Because!!! That car is very valuable!!!


The car somehow locked itself accidentally with the woman's 3-year-old inside. It was a hot day there in Yiwu city, China, and none of the windows were open. But when firefighters arrived to rescue the child, the mother insisted they wait until a locksmith could get there. She didn't want her precious Bimmer to get damaged.

Kid = expendable

BMW = irreplaceable

What is with this woman?

So compare this woman's bizarre priorities with another story this week. When Carrie Underwood accidentally locked her baby (and her dogs) inside her car, she had her brother-in-law break the window rather than wait for a locksmith. Because that's what parents do for their helpless offspring!

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Naturally, people are outraged with this mother. "It looks like the car is her son," @Wangtengke_Scott reportedly said via social media. When CCTVNews posted the story about the mom who refused to save her child locked in a BMW on Facebook, people literally from all over the world united for one purpose: Trash-talking this woman. 

"I think she loves her car, not her baby. The car is costly for her."

"Lock the mother in the car to see how she likes it."

"Materialism ... what if there happens an accident to that car ... ??? really disgusting..."

"Level 10 Parenting Skills on display there ..."

And it gets worse, with some readers recommending violence against the mom (and for the record, we do not condone that, nor the racism in some of the other comments). Another reader pointed out how dangerous it is to be trapped inside a hot car.

"Chinese summer is blazing hot, especially here in Eastern China. Temperatures inside the car will even be much hotter because the glass windows will trap the heat acting as a greenhouse!"

We would never do such a thing! Or would we? It's all a continuum, this protecting our "stuff" from our children. I mean, where did we get that saying, "I can't have anything nice anymore" ??? From parents. Who can't have anything nice anymore. On account of their kids.

I'm not defending this mom. She really is the worst. I'm just saying -- we all have that impulse buried deep inside of us. Most of us just know better than to give in to it.


Image via Art Konovalov/shutterstock


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