5-Year-Old Finds Creepy Hidden Camera Under the Sink in Starbucks Bathroom

cell phone bathroom starbucksOne little boy is our hero today for finding something no one else could see. The 5-year-old discovered a cell phone camera hidden in a Starbucks bathroom. And yes, it was angled toward the toilet.


The unidentified mom was in the ladies' room of a Lancaster, California, Starbucks at 10:30 a.m. when she noticed her son looking quizzically at the sink. "I asked him what was wrong," she told KTLA, "and he said, 'Mommy, why is there a phone under there?' My skin began to crawl." 

Everyone, all together now: AAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

Right? What phone? Where? Why??? There was indeed a phone propped under the sink with paper towels. The mom reported it to store employees, who called the sheriff. Authorities discovered it was running in video-recording motion because of course it was.

As horrifying as this discovery must have been, at least it was made! Who knows how many other hidden cameras and glory holes we miss everywhere else. Ugh, why do some people have to be so gross?

By the way, the boy found the phone after he and his mother had already used the toilet. "It's such a violation of privacy," the mom later said. "Not only of mine, but my son. What was its intention? Where was it going to go?" That kind of makes it even worse. Not only is some creep trying to watch women, he's also going to watch kids as well. It's not known how long the recording had been running.

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Surely it's just a matter of time before the phone is traced back to its perv owner. The case is under investigation -- police say there was surveillance camera footage that could be useful. 

Anyway, we're all grateful to this 5-year-old little hero for being curious and saying something when he saw a phone where it so does not belong. What a smart, observant guy! His mom says she never would have noticed it on her own. "I wouldn't have seen it if it were not at my son's eye level."

But she adds that she's not going to feel safe anywhere anymore, and we can't blame her. Can't a woman relax when she's in a public restroom? I guess not -- and I guess we'll all be keeping a sharp eye out and doing an under-the-sink check everywhere we go from now on.


Image via KTLA


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