Hardcore Criminals Are Being Tossed Into Pink Cells to Soften Them Up (VIDEO)

baker miller pinkWhat's one thing your daughter's room has in common with many prisons? There's a good chance both are the same color. Prisons are turning pink because of the psychological effect the color supposedly has on inmates. Who knew this hue could be this powerful?


There's a reason why so many prison walls are pink, as we find out from this Atlas Obscura video. It all started with scientist Alexander Schauss, whose studies in the 1960s suggested that a particularly bubblegummy shade known as Baker-Miller pink seemed to make people feel calmer and physically weaker. It was tested at the U.S. Naval correctional facility in Seattle, and like the wave of a fairy godmother's wand, prison riots were never heard of again. The end!

But wait, there's more. Word of this magical effect flew far and wide, and soon prisons all over the country were painting their walls pink. Not only that, workplace lunchrooms and ambulances were turning a rosy shade, too. Any place where people wanted to create a sense of calm and order -- there would go the Baker-Miller pink.

I guess pink is the new ... orange?

Unfortunately Schauss's studies haven't been duplicated by other scientists. Does pink really reduce aggression and turn your muscles into mush? We still don't know for sure. But that hasn't stopped institutions from applying it to their walls, just in case.

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It makes sense, intuitively, that a color would have an effect on your mood. I've always considered pale blues soothing, while red and orange are alarming. But it's odd that pink has become associated with calm, too. 

Maybe the idea of painting kids' rooms pink isn't so bad after all? Try to get your hands on some of that Baker-Miller pink and who knows, you could have fewer tantrums in your home. Maybe you'll maintain your sense of calm, too. Come to think of it, it's a wonder pink hasn't caught on as a trendy paint color for families.

Did you know that prisons frequently paint their walls pink?


Image via Atlas Obscura/YouTube


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