City's Candlelight Vigil For Dead Raccoon Makes Us Feel Like Jerks for Ignoring Roadkill All These Years (PHOTOS)

conrad raccoon toronto #deadraccoontoA raccoon died on a busy city street. But that raccoon will not be forgotten, thanks to a flood of Twitter memorials. Was ever a raccoon so well loved, so well mourned? 


Actually, it's not so much that the raccoon was loved. When the animal's corpse was discovered on a Toronto street Thursday morning, the city told residents that Animal Control had been notified and would take care of it.

Hours passed and still the dead raccoon remained on the street.

So through the course of the day people constructed a memorial around it -- complete with a framed photo of the raccoon -- and held a vigil over Twitter under #DeadRaccoonTO. They gave the deceased a dignified name: Conrad.

People signed a condolence card for Conrad. People who cared.

Someone sang a little Elton John.

Condolences were sent from far and wide, from every place that knows raccoons.

Night fell, candles were lit, and still, Animal Control was nowhere to be found. The vigil continued.

Councillor Norm Kelly (@Norm) was getting impatient. He called for residents to leave their green recycling bins open in remembrance while also tweeting his outrage to the city. 

At last! At 11:00 p.m. a white van pulled up. The city had come to claim its native son and give the animal a proper sendoff. The wake was over.

Conrad was stuffed unceremoniously into a black bag. Some thought that was improper.

Animal Services announced they would cremate Conrad, though they did not specify where his ashes would be spread.

Rest in peace, Conrad, the raccoon who brought Toronto together!

Can you believe the city left a dead raccoon on the street for 14 hours? And can you believe how people responded?


Image via @FrogDogZ/Twitter


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