New 'Safe Selfies' Guide Was Sorely Needed -- See for Yourself (PHOTOS)

Two women taking selfie in Russia

Following a string of selfie-related accidents (yes, that's now a thing), the Russian police released a new "safe selfies" campaign. The online guide is said to include a hashtag in Russian that translates to #safeselfie -- just in case you want to make your completely normal Instagram snaps trend -- and a fun infograph to avoid photo fatalities (see stick-figure diagrams below).


We thought we learned everything we needed to know about taking the perfect selfie from Selfish author Kim Kardashian -- but a Russian Interior Ministry official stated that the government's booklet "reminds you of how to take a safe selfie, so it is not the last one you will ever take." And police are even going to take the safety lesson to schools. Can you say "Selfie 101"?!

Not snapping a selfie with a gun or in front of a moving train may seem pretty apparent, but police say there have been 10 selfie-related deaths and 100 more injuries this year among Russians -- the latest one being a 21-year-old woman who plunged to her death while trying to get the perfect shot on a Moskow bridge last week.

While we appreciate these tips -- I mean, who wouldn't want to be reminded not to take a selfie atop an electrical tower?! -- we have a few other selfie-free situations to propose.

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Yeah, we would have probably eschewed a knife pic, too. We certainly do not suggest wielding three blades in front of your eyes while holding a camera. Then again, we're not in the business of trying to make the hashtag #knifeselfie trend. Just saying.

The Russian government included what appears to be a lion among its selfie-taking dangers. But what about bears? I mean, that's been a thing, as last year wildlife officials actually had to warn snap-happy adventurers from getting to close to the grizzlies.

And then there's the classic cliff-hanging shot. Yes, these lovebirds have their rock-climbing game down, but just looking at them dangling from a mountain -- selfie stick in hand -- makes my stomach turn. Kids, we weren't made to be superheroes.

Sure, this guy's a professional storm chaser, but please do not try to re-create this visual. Let's not make the #volcanoselfie or #tornadoselfie or any other #extremeweatherselfie a bucket-list must.

In fact, these super-dangerous snaps may just make using a selfie stick look harmless. Well, nah, you should probably still leave those crazy-looking contraptions at home, too.

And, Russia, feel free to add these dangerous selfie situations to your campaign. #safeselfie game on!

Do you think Russia's new "safe selfies" campaign is necessary or a no-brainer?

Image via Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP/Corbis

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