'Who Deleted Me?' App Tells You Who Hates Your Facebook Overshares

surprised woman laptopHave you ever been unfriended? How do you know?!? Okay, there's an obvious way to see if one specific person has left your fold -- you just look up their profile among your friends. But if you want the big picture, the people who just drop off the radar without your noticing, there's an app for that: Who Deleted Me.


The extension Who Deleted Me has been around for a few years, but now there's mobile app, too. So you can have your self-esteem crushed while you're on the go!

Har har, only joking. Of course your self-esteem isn't tied to how many Facebook friends you have. Who cares? Not you. It's simply that you happened to notice your friends count dip by two in the past week, and you want to know who has suddenly decided they're no longer your friend for no good reason at all. WHY?

There are just two problems with this tool. First, you're not going to be able to find out who unfriended you. In the past. See, the first time you log on, it's going to upload your friends list. Once it's gotten a good look at your friends list, then it will start keeping track of who is now dead to you. But it doesn't work retroactively. 

By the way, the number of friends Who Deleted Me says you have will be lower than the number Facebook says you have. That's because WDM only shows active friends; Facebook includes friends who have deactivated their account. #FriendInflation #VanityCounting 

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Another problem is the app has become so freakin' popular that it doesn't even work anymore. A mad rush of 330,000 new users this month is breaking WDM's abacuses. They promise they're working on the outages. Meanwhile, here's what happens when I try to use the app.

who deleted me

Dang it, WDM, I would totally unfriend you if I could.

By the way, if you're into stalking, WDM will show you when your friends last logged onto Facebook. Ah, Who Deleted Me: stirring up trouble between couples since 2009.

Of course, when you do learn of new people who unfriend you, WDM won't be able to tell you why they ditched you. Was it one too many baby pictures? Too many date-night check-ins? Too many political rants? Is your food photography not up to snuff? You'll never know for sure ... but let's face it, you can probably guess what it was.

Is this something you would try out, or are you so above caring who unfriends you on Facebook because that's just stupid?


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