Must-See: Man Lives Every Kid's Fantasy By Holding Onto a Bunch of Balloons & Soaring Through Sky (VIDEO)

man with helium balloonsDoes this image look familiar? 26-year-old Daniel Boria tied 120 helium balloons to a lawn chair and then floated over Calgary -- yes, just like Carl Fredricksen in the Pixar movie, Up, only without the house. The police were not amused with the stunt, but the photo has gone viral.


Okay, the first thing we need to say about this stunt is that no one died as a result. Boria sprained his ankle when he landed and that's it -- no other reported injuries. The lawn chair has gone missing, though.

We should also mention that the inspiration for this bizarre display is so ordinary it almost pains me to mention it. Boria didn't do it to impress a lady friend, to propose, or even to escape a broken heart. No, he took a dangerous ride with over a hundred helium balloons to advertise his cleaning products company.

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It seemed like a brilliant marketing scheme in the beginning. Boria spent $20,000 on helium and to charter a plane to fly his banner over the Calgary rodeo. Then Boria, a trained skydiver, was going to parachute out of the lawn chair and land at the rodeo. Ta-da! Cleaning products! YEAH!

"You can spend the same marketing dollars on a billboard or a commercial or you can fly a balloon up in the air and jump out," Boria said. "It just seems like more fun, right?" Alas, the weather did not agree. A mighty wind blew the man off course.

But before he landed, Boria enjoyed a few thrilling moments up among the clouds.

At one point I was looking up at the balloons, they were popping, the chair was shaking, and I was looking down at my feet dangling through the clouds at a 747 flight taking off and a few landing.

It was incredible. It was the most surreal experience you can ever imagine. I was just by myself on a $20 lawn chair up in the sky above the clouds.

And then the skydiver somersaulted out of the chair. "I watched below as the stampede and my dreams drifted away," he later said.

Police arrested Boria when he landed. He was charged one count of mischief causing danger to his life. Was it worth it? Ask the people who watched from below.

Pretty darn exciting for a weekend in Calgary -- or anywhere! We're just glad everyone's okay after this. Meanwhile, police continue their search for the lawn chair and balloons.

Are you surprised Boria survived his flight?


Image via tomwarne/Twitter

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