The Universe Takes Cosmic Revenge on Jerk With Serious Case of Road Rage (VIDEO)

Don't you love witnessing perfect scenarios of cosmic karma? In this video from Russia, one driver is tailgating another driver and just generally being a road hog. So the one being tailed pulled out a video camera to catch the road rage in action.


Take a look at what happens to this jerk when he tries to pull out his phone and record the guy recording him! The magic happens about 30 seconds in.

Thankfully we can laugh about this since no one was hurt, and obviously we don't condone recording while driving, but itsn't this the best?

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I'm not sure what exactly this guy thought he was going to film, but he's obviously not going to have a chance now, as his phone flew out of his hand the moment he tried to capture the first driver. Whoops.

Have you ever experienced road rage?


Image via Live Leak

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