Teens Claim They Almost Gave Escaped Convict a Ride: Parents Everywhere Have a Heart Attack

david sweatKids! This is exactly why your parents say you should never pick up hitchhikers. Four teenagers say they spoke with escaped convict David Sweat -- and they almost gave him a ride in their car.


Brothers Patrick and Conor Gordon, Evan King, and Alicia Howard were driving home from McDonald's in the wee hours Sunday morning when they spotted a man on an Amish scooter through Constable, New York. 

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The kids say they asked the man if he needed help, and he told them he needed a ride. They almost let him in. But they felt creeped out so they drove off instead. Then, realizing he matched the description of Sweat, they called the police and cha-ching! They can haz $50,000 reward now?

TV's Dog the Bounty Hunter says they should.

But not so fast, Scooby Doo!

New York State Police Superintendent Joseph D'Amico says Sweat was on foot, not wheels, right before his capture. And he was spotted by Sergeant Jay Cook, not a car full of kids. 

So which is scarier, parents: Finding out your kids almost pick up a dangerous escaped convict? Or finding out your kids fabricated a story about finding an escaped convict? Then again, maybe it was just someone else the kids saw. At any rate, if their story is true, I'm awfully glad they didn't pick him up.

Do you believe the teenagers' story?


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