Family of 4 Walks Out Door Moments Before Plane Crashes Into Their House (VIDEO)

3 passengers die plane crash massachussettsThree passengers lost their lives in a plane crash Sunday night in Massachusetts. But amazingly, the four family members inside the house survived!


A Beechcraft BE36 from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, crashed into the two-story colonial about 30 miles outside of Boston at 5:45 p.m. The house became engulfed in flames, and it took firefighters three hours to subdue the fire. 

Mary O'Rourke, who lives next door to the house, says she saw the crash. She told NBC News she was sitting on her porch when "all of a sudden I saw this little plane crash into the back of my neighbor's house."

O'Rourke also saw two adults and their children, a high school student and a fourth grader, escape with the family dog. What a relief! (Sadly, the family's cats have not been located.)

It looks like the top part of the house took the most damage. If the plane had crashed after the family had gone to bed, this could have been a very different story. But they acted quickly and made it out unharmed. They must be so grateful for their lives, even though they just lost their home.

Investigators don't know yet what caused the plane crash. As happy as we are for the surviving family, we can't ignore that three other people lost their lives in this tragic accident. One of those passengers was a child.

Do you think you could get your entire family out quickly enough in an emergency like this one?


Image via NBC News


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