Mom Who Died in Charleston Massacre Left an Eerie Voicemail Before Killings

A friend of one of the victims of the Charleston massacre says that she got a voicemail just days before she died, and she believes it was a spiritual message. Chineta Goodjoin said she hadn't spoken to her college friend Sharonda Coleman-Singleton in at least five years, but on June 3, she called to reconnect.


Goodjoin said she was at the grocery store when she got the call, and let it go to voicemail because she didn't recognize the phone number. When she listened, she heard her dear friend say, "Hello, Reverend Chineta. This is Sharonda. I know it has been some time since we talked, but I want you to know that I love you."

She said she was moved to tears, as she had been feeling sorry for herself that day. Coleman-Singleton's message continued, "Please know that no matter what happens, all shall be well ... All shall be well. All shall be well. All shall be well. Especially for those who are living their lives according to God's word. All shall be well."

Just two weeks later, Coleman-Singleton lost her life at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, when 21-year-old Dylann Roof allegedly attempted to start a "race war."

Goodjoin said, "Now I know she was telling me something more ... I really feel that way."

She continued, "I believe that Sharonda knew something was going to happen, and I believe that her message reflects her confidence and her trust that all manner of things shall be well. It reflects her own spirit."

Thankfully, the friends of 27 years were able to catch up before the shooting. A couple days after the initial call, they were able to chat. Goodjoin, who lives in Orange, California, said, "We caught up with each other about our children, where we were in the ministry and the things we were doing ... I had no idea that that would be the last time I talked to Sharonda."

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Since finding out that her sweet friend lost her life, she's been playing the message "over and over again." She also has been playing it for friends, and even to her congregation. "I think that her message was more powerful than anything I could say," she said.

"It is comforting," she added. "Sharonda's still taking care of people, as you can see."

Do you think Sharonda had a premonition about what was to come?


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