Divorced Man Takes 'Dividing the Assets in Half' to Hysterical Extremes (PHOTO)

car cut in halfThere's no question that divorce can be an excruciating ordeal. But some of us handle it a little better than others. Take this divorcing man who cut all his possessions in half and put his share up for sale on eBay.


Oh don't worry -- he sent the other half of everything to his ex-wife.

The eBay page was posted on Reddit. There was some debate over whether or not it's real, with one person coming forward to confirm it is. What I want to know is whether all those bids on the stuff are real. Also, what's with this guy?!?

Think maybe the divorcee is just a little bit bitter about the "equitable distribution of marital property" aspect of his divorce? Half a record, half a mailbox, half a sofa, half a bicycle, half a phone, half a car. Half a laptop. HALF A TEDDY BEAR! None of these things are any good cut in half.

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I'm not sure how that goes down where he is (the eBay page is in German). But in the U.S. "equitable" doesn't necessarily mean "equal halves." It means you and your ex-spouse agree on a fair way to split up the assets you accumulated together through the course of your marriage. Also if you destroy communal property it's kind of a big problem. But that's not really the point of this guy's gesture.

Maybe what this is really about is his broken heart. Maybe he feels like that half of a record, mailbox, sofa, bicycle, and phone. Maybe he feels like without his other half he's no good at all.

Or maybe he's just really, really, really angry.

How relieved do you think this man's ex-wife is that she's no longer married to him?


Image via eBay

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