Dad Trying to Get Out of Child Support Sends Look-a-Like to Paternity Testing

twinsThis week's winner of the Sleazeball Unmanly Man Award is: Thomas Kenny, who cheated on his girlfriend, fathered a child through that fling, and then sent a look-alike to take a DNA paternity test to avoid paying child support. But that doesn't make him a bad person, he insists.


Thomas Kenny already had one child with his girlfriend, who was pregnant with their second baby. Then he went and knocked up his side girlfriend as well. Woman #2 says he wanted her to get an abortion, but she refused. He insisted the baby wasn't his. The woman called his bluff and demanded a paternity test.

That's when Kenny hatched his brilliant plan to send some other guy in for the test. Which didn't work.

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Judge Phillip Parker QC charged Kenny with fraud. "You were prepared to disown a child of your own for financial gain," he told him. "Morally you cannot sink lower than that." He also called Kenny "highly manipulative."

As if to prove the judge correct in his assessment, Kenny took to Facebook to defend himself in the most absurdly pompous way.

Everybody in life makes mistakes! When we are young we do things we regret! We do these things out of not experiencing previous problems in life. This in my eyes doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you a stronger one!

Oh, well then, it's all right, Kenny. We're so glad you used this fraudlent behavior to grow yourself. Everyone makes mistakes -- just some people's mistakes are more fraudulent than others. That's all!

As obnoxious as that little self-aggrandizing speech is, it gets even worse. Behold, the next sentence.

And if you react in the right manner it can also help develop you as a person and also put you in a better position to help others!

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Ladies and gentlemen, Thomas Kenny: An ideal candidate for a vasectomy. Don't delay, Thomas! Get that snip snip as soon as possible. It's another wonderful way you can help others.

Do you know people like this dad?


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