Bikini Models Welcome Winning Cyclists & It’s Even More Offensive Than Usual (PHOTO)

bikini modelsIt may be time to retire the fine old tradition of sending bikini-clad babes to welcome the winners after a race. And not just because it's hella sexist. There's another darn good reason, as perfectly illustrated by this viral cycling team photo.


Now, it could be that these ladies showed up to help celebrate Gay Pride month, this being June. Why not? But that would have been a little presumptuous. I mean ... well, take a look.

What the hell happened here?

Someone's probably getting fired for this blunder.

Organizers of the Lotto Cycling Cup for women apologized for allowing the swimsuit models to crash the party. They said via Twitter "we also find it inappropriate," adding, "We as @LottoCyclingCup are not responsible for this show. and let us look to the nice victory of @JolienDhoore @WiggleHonda @marijnfietst." 

Racing cyclist and journalist Marijn de Vries was definitely not amused, and tweeted back, "was there no one of your organisation present at the race who could stop this?"

Help, stop the bikini babes! They are a menace! My eyes, my eyes!

But what's the big deal, really? Wouldn't it be terribly hetero-normative of us to assume that none of the cyclists were the least bit delighted at their welcoming committee? The idea of this being absurd assumes all the cyclists are straight, and that isn't necessarily the case.

That possibility aside, though, the bikini model tradition sure sends a sad message about women and sports. Here you have the women's cycling team, trying to be taken seriously as athletes. The competitors have worked hard building muscular and cardiovascular strength. And what's their reward? A mocking reminder of what women are most often valued for -- being sexy. What an irritating juxtaposition.

How would you feel if you'd competed in an athletic event and then a bunch of bikini models showed up?


Image via Marijn de Vries/Twitter


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