Woman Who Escapes Cab After Driver Makes Lewd Moves Gets the Best Revenge (VIDEO)

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Imagine you're at the end of a very long cab ride and the driver pulls up to your home. But instead of letting you out, he lets out the freaky -- as in, he gets in the back seat with you and fondles himself. Would you scream or could you keep your calm? And which is the safest option?


This was the horrifying and unfortunate dilemma a woman faced after an hour-long Uber drive from Sea Isle City, NJ to her summer house in Avalon. When they arrived the driver got into the back seat with her and began rubbing himself over his clothes and moaning things like "I love your body, my God I love your body." She says she couldn't get out of the car.

But she did have the presence of mind to take video of her driver's vulgar show. When he asked her what she wanted him to do she said she wanted him to let her out, of course. And he did right away.

The woman, who remains anonymous, reported the driver, who now faces charges of lewdness, false imprisonment, and harassment.

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Meanwhile the woman's friend, Jarrett Abello, posted the video on her behalf. He says she just wants to get the word out on this "creepy" driver. "She was very disgusted, pissed off and looking to get some justice."

I should say so! But I can't believe how calm she remained through her brief ordeal. Maybe it's because I've lived my entire adult life in New York City (believe me, I've had my share of gross encounters), but my first instinct would have been to scream obscenities and demand to be let out immediately, all while calling 911. 

The thing is, guys who harass women this way are usually looking for exactly that response. I think the driver gave up quickly because she was so nonplussed. He was probably disappointed -- emotionally and physically. 

I'm glad things weren't any worse for this woman. A few Uber drivers have been arrested for sexual assault recently. Since when did taking a cab become so dangerous? I hope the arrests and the public video prevent more assaults in the future.

WARNING: Video is NSFW and may be disturbing.

What do you think you would have done in this woman's place?


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