Terrified Newborn Is Dunked Into Bucket of Water in Disturbing 'Yoga' Video (WATCH)

baby yoga child abuse videoAn incredibly disturbing video of a screaming infant being dunked repeatedly into a bucket of water by an unidentified woman that surfaced on Facebook has outraged viewers who've demanded the social media site remove the two-minute horror film. Despite children's welfare organizations also pleading for the video to be taken down, Facebook offered some pretty strange reasons for allowing it to remain on the site.


While most who view the video come to the conclusion that it's child abuse, others, including Facebook initially, believe it's actually a form of "baby yoga."

Say what? Apparently in some cultures, like Russia, where it originated, this "technique" is thought to improve the mind and physique of babies. (I'm sorry but nothing about this says Namaste to me!) Take a look. 

Warning: This video is extremely disturbing.

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Gabrielle Shaw, CEO of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC), had this to say:

This video of a screaming baby being violently shaken and manipulated in a tub of water, as a form of ‘baby yoga’, is horrifying. 

The fact that Facebook has reviewed it and allowed it to stand, is staggering. It is right to question urgently why Facebook seems to be condoning what is in essence a form of child abuse.

Backpedaling a bit, a Facebook spokesperson says the social media site faces "a difficult choice: Balancing people's desire to raise awareness of behavior like this against the disturbing nature of the video." 

Facebook will remove any reported instances of the video that are shared supporting or encouraging this behaviour. In other cases where people are condemning it, the site will mark it as disturbing which generates a warning screen and makes it accessible to those over 18 years old. 

Ultimately, we hope that somehow leaving the video on the site leads to the capture of the woman who's inflicting what looks like water torture upon this defenseless infant. We also would love to know that this poor baby is safe and no further harm has come to it. 

Do you think the video should remain on Facebook? 

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