Disney’s Plan to ‘Improve’ Theme Park Mascots Creeps Us Out

We've seen I, Robot. We know robots are going to take over the world eventually. If we're being honest, though, the last place we thought they'd begin their takeover was at Disney World ... but the park announced that they're working on replacing some of their mascots with robots, signaling the end of the world as we know it.


Or, you know, not. 

Aside from the terrifying/creepy factor (because, c'mon, robots are evil and we don't want our children touching them or taking photos with them or coming within 20 feet of them), the robot/mascot/monsters are kind of, well, cool.

The engineers building the robot mascots are trying to get them to look and move like our favorite animated Disney characters, which, as it turns out, is pretty complicated and not something a human in a body suit can do.

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They start by studying the original animated blueprints of the movies and charting the full body motions of the characters as they walk. Then through some kind of magic or science or something, they get their robots to do the same thing.

This move to include robots in theme parks was announced in a report by the company. Here's a video that kind of explains the technology via some science-y gobbledeguck:

Even if we don't know what some of those words mean, it's kind of cool to watch that little guy walk, right?

Obviously these mascots are still in the really basic stages (meaning that they're totally naked and don't look anything like a character yet), so that at least gives us a little time to stomach the idea of interacting with robots. Which is something.

And once we do that, maybe these little guys could actually be kind of cool? Kids love seeing their princesses and princes in real life, so what's not to love about seeing their animated friends, too? 

We'd like to meet Stitch first, please. And then Olaf. Then Mike Wazowski. Thanks!!

Would you want your kids to be able to meet a robot version of their favorite Disney character?


Image © iStock.com/Bastiaan Slabbers

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