65-Year-Old Becomes Oldest Woman Ever to Give Birth to Quadruplets

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If you were knocked off your chair by the unlikely news of a 65-year-old German woman's quadruplet pregnancy earlier this year, well, might as well just lie down on the floor right now: The woman in question, schoolteacher Annegret Raunigk, has given birth to her four babies -- making her the oldest woman ever (as far as anybody knows) to do so. Even more amazing, the babies (born premature at 26 weeks) reportedly have "good chances of surviving!"


Raunigk was already a mother of 13 and grandmother of seven when she conceived the triplets via IVF (using both donated eggs and sperm), so raising these babies (three boys and one girl) is clearly going to be familiar territory for her. But the experience of parenting multiples certainly presents its own set of unique challenges -- never mind parenting multiples at 65 years of age!

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As for her own health and stamina, Raunigk seems unconcerned. "I simply assume that I will remain fit and healthy," she told reporters in April. Which, hey, is as good a strategy as any, I guess. Positive thinking for the win! I mean, obviously there are myriad concerns to be addressed with a situation like this -- no matter how "fit and healthy" Raunigk remains, her age alone means she'll most likely be significantly physically compromised while the quadruplets are still pretty young, which is an issue critics are hotly debating at the moment. But here's something to consider: Would anyone be saying anything about Raunigk's choice if she were a man? Older men have kids all the time, and most people don't seem to think anything of it. And who knows, maybe Raunigk has lots of help (her oldest child is 40, so there are presumably some caring older siblings around to pitch in). As long as everyone is healthy and loved, that's all that really matters, right?

What do you think about a 65-year-old woman giving birth to quadruplets?


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