Man Sneezes Out Kid Toy Stuck in His Nose for 44 Years

In another reason why you should never let your kids play unattended, a man reveals exactly what was stuck in his nostrils and responsible for his blocked nose for more than 40 years. Steve Easton had played with a rubber dart when he was just 7 years old and recently discovered the long-lost toy when he sneezed out the part of the toy dart!


Has that settled in yet? The 51-year-old just revealed the cause of his four-decade-long malady when he expunged the piece.

Hard to believe, but even Easton's mom confirmed that it's truly no surprise. Turns out, back when he was a child, his parents noticed that he was playing with the toy and found that the top piece was missing from the dart. They even took him to the hospital because they thought he had inhaled it.

Well, it looks like he may have inhaled it so well because doctors didn't find a single thing.

Take a look at the dart, in comparison to a penny:

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More than 40 years later, it's finally made its appearance, but Easton's life hasn't changed too entirely. 

"It had been there in my nasal cavity for 44 years," Easton told The Guardian. "I was completely unaware that it was in my nose for that long. I feel no different now. I wonder if there’s anything else up there."

Let's hope that's not the case, but it sure makes you wonder: how close of a watch do you keep on your kids while they're playing with teeny-tiny toys? 

Are you surprised this happened?


Image via The Guardian

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