Bodies of Parents Found Huddled Over Their Unharmed Baby Girl After Tornado

tornadoA tornado ripped through Nashville, Arkansas Sunday night, leaving in its wake two tragic heroes. Married couple Melissa and Michael Mooneyhan were discovered dead, huddled over their baby. The 18-month-old girl was still alive, and amazingly unharmed.


According to Howard County Coroner Howard Gray, it appears that the tornado flipped over the Mooneyhan's trailer, and then the trailer exploded. It's a miracle the baby lived through the torrent. She no doubt owes her life to the sacrifice of her parents.

The couple's neighbor, Linda Purtell, tells KTHV, "I think they were together and trying to protect the child." Gray agrees. "That poor little girl is never going to know them," he says. "But she's young enough that she'll never remember what happened."

Thankfully, the Mooneyhans have family in the area who can help raise the baby girl. "That baby was definitely their life. They considered her their greatest blessing. You couldn't find two parents who loved a child more," says Polly McCammack, Melissa's third cousin. "She's going to grow up knowing family and knowing love." 

Thank goodness for that. I think any parent would have done the same thing the Mooneyhans did. It would be your first impulse -- do whatever you can to protect your child, even if that means risking your own life. 

It's sad that this child will grow up without her parents, but at least she'll know how much she was loved and cherished by them. She'll always have two guardian angels in her life.

If something were to happen to you and your spouse, who would care for your children? Do you have plans for such an emergency?


Image via Minerva Studio/Shutterstock


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