Police Seize 10 Children From Off-the-Grid, 'Unschooling' Family

naugler familyParents of an "off-grid" family say authorities seized all 10 of their children Thursday, and they claim it's because of their "unschooling" approach to education. Joe and Nicole Naugler are raising their children on an homestead in rural Kentucky.


The couple claim in a blog post that while Joe Naugler was away with eight of their children, sheriff's deputies arrived at their home. Five-months pregnant Nicole says she tried to drive away when the deputies tried to question her sons away from her. She was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. 

When Joe returned, he says, he was told he would have to hand over the rest of his children or face charges. They are now trying to raise funds and have hired a lawyer.

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An acquaintance had apparently threatened to report the Nauglers to Child Protective Services via a Facebook argument. The couple believe CPS took their children away because they homeschool using the "unschooling" approach. That's a method where children direct their own education through their personal interests and through daily work at the home. However, the family's possession of firearms may also have been an issue. Authorities are not speaking publicly about the case.

Do you think authorities are really concerned about the home schooling, or is there something else going on?


Image via Save Our Family

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