Ladies' Bathroom in Bar Has Two-Way Mirror For 'Peeping Toms' & Owner Just Laughs About It (VIDEO)

Comedian Tamale Rocks was performing in a bar in Berwyn, Illinois called Cigars and Stripes, when she made a rather nauseating discovery -- the ladies' bathroom had a two-way mirror that stood directly across from the ladies' toilet. And behind the two-way mirror was a closet in which people could, well, essentially stand and watch ladies piss!


Rocks took video of the bizarre arrangement and posted it to YouTube, where it eventually got the attention of feminist blog Jezebel, which called the owner of the club to find out why the hell his ladies room had a two-way mirror.

The man who claimed to be the owner, Ronnie Lottz, told the Jezebel reporter that indeed the ladies room did have a spy mirror -- and he defended it. But not because he needs to check to see if people are doing some illegal activity that might get him shut down, nope, he said the mirror was simply part of his club's "Halloween theme" and had been there since 2001 and blamed Tamale for just trying to make a viral video. Oh, and feminism was to blame somehow, too.

The fact that people can spy on women taking a tinkle did not seem to matter. And I'm not sure what Halloween had to do with anything -- or why the Halloween-themed spy mirror was only in the ladies room, don't people want to check out men relieving themselves too?

Lotz feels very territorial about his mirror, telling Jezebel:

I will burn this fucking place to the ground before I get rid of that mirror. Do you know how much joy that mirror has brought to us?

Erm, I bet it has.

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Well, there you have it, ladies. If you don't mind your toilet time being watched by god only knows who, then check out the wings at Cigars and Stripes. Lottz swears they're awesome.

Because this is really a place you want to eat at, right?

Would you use this bathroom?

Image via dirtyboxface/Flickr

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