Luckiest Woman Alive Finds 3.69-Carat Diamond In Park

You know all of those gold-mining sites that lure you in with the promise of scoring an expensive keepsake? We usually think of them as bogus, right? Well, one woman proved diamonds can be found in nature (something we seem to forget!) when she discovered an insanely huge 3.69-carat diamond while visiting Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park. Kinda makes you want to hit the trails.


The luckiest woman in the world today is Susie Clark, who is from Sharp County, Arkansas, and hasn't visited the "Diamond" park in 33 years, when her mother and grandmother first took her there.

Call it a miracle. Before embarking on her diamond search in the great, open park, Clark says she said a little prayer to herself. Then, she opened her eyes and—what do you know—discovered the glittery jewel (which is the size of a pinto bean) near the South Washing Pavilion of the park's search field.

Things like this just do not happen every day, prayers or no prayers. This woman is as rare as the diamond she found. She nicknamed her treasure the "Hallelujah Diamond" and says she plans to keep it. I mean, obviously, right?! I wonder what she'll do with it? Create a pendant? Design the engagement ring of her dreams, finance/husband be damned?

Park Interpreter Waymon Cox says hers is the largest diamond found in the park since last April, when another crazy lucky person stumbled upon a 6.19-carat white diamond.

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In case her story has inspired you to take a pilgrimage to the Crater of Diamonds park, you may want to check the weather forecast first. Cox says recent heavy rain just made conditions on the field even more perfect for finding diamonds.

Good to know!

What would you do with this large diamond if you found it?


Image courtesy Crater of Diamonds State Park


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