Couple’s 'Unborn Child' Photobombs Their Wedding Photos & Gives Everyone the Creeps

There aren't many things more fun than gushing over your wedding pictures after the Big Day itself. That is, until you make a spine-tingling discover -- like the ghost of a baby photo-bombing your newlywed pictures!


That's exactly what happened to Reddit user Kevin Matthew Denis and his wife Christiana. He posted this photo to the social media site and captioned it, "Me and my wife's favourite wedding photo... Until we saw what was between us ... We still don't know who it was."

Note: The above photo was photoshopped to remove the ghostly image; this is the original.

Do you see it? It's a creepy ghost baby in the background, right between their happy smiling faces! Do you think they'd be grinning like this if they knew they were being haunted?

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The bride had been using the photo as her main Facebook photo, until she saw the creepy image, that is. Denis said, "[My wife] had this as her FB profile picture but somebody said something about the person behind and then she kinda got freaked out a little."

Dang straight, I would've been freaked out too!

The couple doesn't know if it's a trick of shadows, one of their guests, or something supernatural, but commenters on Reddit sure have some ideas.

One person jokingly guessed that it was the face of their future child, and another offered, "It looks like Smeagol after the Precious." Let's hope their baby doesn't end up looking like Smeagol!

Whatever the image is, it's totally creepy.

Do you think it's a ghost?


Image via Imgur

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