Woman Fed Up with Snoring Guy on Plane Gets Her Revenge (PHOTO)

We've all experienced someone incredibly annoying on a plane. Whether it's a seat hog, someone with their seat back in your face, a screaming baby, or a boring story teller, planes are one of those places you're often forced to come into brutally close contact with someone you'd rather not -- and for such a long time! Well, one woman decided to do something about the loud snoring guy next to her -- and it got her kicked off the plane.


A Southwest Airlines passenger was reportedly escorted off the plane before takeoff after the guy next to her, Lenny Mordarski, fell asleep during a delay -- and she decided that the pen was mightier than her words when it came to silencing the guy's snores.

Instead of waking him up and, ya know, asking him to stop snoring, the woman apparently began jabbing him with her pen, which left some splotches on his shirt.

Okay, not the most mature way to handle things, but I for one feel for the woman. Sure, I guess the guy can't help his snoring, but who wants to listen to that for however-many hours? She was just trying to stop the infernal noise. (For the record, the man's friend, Michael Sutton, insists on Twitter that his friend wasn't "poked" with the pen, but "stabbed." However, an airline spokesperson said no one was injured.)

According to the snorer's friend, everyone cheered when the woman was taken off the plane, but I can't imagine why. Did they want to listen to his sonorous nose music?

This is why you always bring ear plugs and SleepPhones on a plane. You never know who you're going to sit down next to. And that guy really needs to see a doctor.

That said, adults should learn how to use their voice -- not whatever weapon they have handy.

What would you do?

Image CandyBox Images/shutterstock and @MNS1974/Twitter

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