Doorman Fired for Being Too Nice & Helpful to Residents

People get fired for all kinds of reasons. Chronic lateness, shoddy work, sometimes somebody high up just doesn't like you for some reason. But doing too much work and being too helpful? Yeah, you don't hear that too often. But that's reportedly what happened to Ralph Body, who was fired from his job at a luxury apartment building because he was too nice.


Body, who was a doorman at a Queens, New York luxury apartment building, took his job seriously. So seriously, in fact, that he would do way more than just hold the door for residents -- he'd pick up their mail, do their laundry, and even clean their cat litter boxes!

But Body says that his employer did not appreciate his above and beyond approach and fired him. Naturally, the tenants are quite irate about this -- not too many doormen will scoop litter!

The building's management company, Heatherwood Communities, says that there has been some "misinformation" in the press about his firing, which could mean he was fired for something other than being "too nice" -- or it could be code for "Damn, we really screwed up here and now we need to cover our asses."

Now, I can see all of this extra work Body is doing being a problem if it is taking away from his regular work. Like if he's upstairs scooping poop when he should be downstairs opening doors, then he's not doing his job properly. But what is the issue if he manages to do both? In New York City, a doorman is about so much more than doors.

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In a day and age when people seem so entitled and our kids are growing up thinking the world should be handed to them on a silver platter, isn't it nice to see someone "too nice" on the job? Someone who really goes out of his way?

He should be promoted, not fired.

The Stir called Heatherwood Properties, but the company had no comment -- unsurprisingly.

Is this a dumb reason for getting fired?

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